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Make software simple.

CoCube makes it easy to design, build, and share collaborative software.

Create and share collaborative tools, diagrams, visualizations, and more.

Without worrying about things that don't matter.

From simple to complex.

Create forms, tables, charts, diagrams, and more using an intuitive visual editor.

Vector graphics, reactive expressions, and custom events allow you to build anything.

Treat any data as shared or local state. Create collaborative experiences that amaze.

Designed to be intuitive.

CoCube is the only software builder as easy to use as a spreadsheet.

Use expressions anywhere.

Every attribute is defined using spreadsheet like cells.

Create dynamic interfaces with functions and references.

Use hundreds of built-in functions to create exactly what you want.

Built for individuals.

Start with a small personal project, grow your skills over time with the learning track.

Define flexible interactions. React to any event.

Add reactivity to components using an easy to understand event system.

Respond to clicks, drags, hovers, key presses and more.

Store data, change appearence, modify behavior, and start animations.

Scales to teams.

Design and build together in real-time. Making software has never been this easy.

Vector graphics rendering.

Every shape and letter is rendered as an infinitely scalable vector graphic.

Create thousands of nodes on screen simultaneously, without slowing down.

Share interactive UIs, diagrams, and visuals that work on any screen.

Community driven roadmap.

Create an account to vote for features.

Inherently collaborative.

Modify anything from appearance to content to behavior, together. In real-time.

Changes to cells are immediately reflected and synced.

Share any component with a single click.

Offline enabled.

Work offline, your changes sync when you log back in.

Keep projects local-only if you do not need to collaborate.

Enable sync and collaboration features when you want them.

Get started for free.

Play around first. Pay later.

CoCube requires a browser supporting WebGPU.

Try visiting using Google Chrome desktop.